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What’s the Big Deal.

That’s the point, we are the 1st PocketSaver site who is not just about DEALS. Our Goal is to promote your Company, your Brand and ALL your Products and Services. Every business owner knows its good to offer savings and specials. They draw in new customers and also serve as a means to clear out old stock, inventory and clear the way for the New. But you can’t run a business by giving it away. It’s about balance – New products, Hot products and Products on special. We help promote them ALL and give special attention to your Brand – company name.

We promote your COMPANY your BUSINESS your BRAND so you can Sell n Prosper.

Spread the Word

You can’t just make money giving everything a way, then sharing what you make to the company who did the promotion for you. Whats the point in that? So we at PocketSaver are here to help you promote everything about your business. And it’s all good because that’s why you stay in Business, people like you and come back for more. We at GoMainSt have created the PocketSaver to spread your story and tell everyone about your Success. Let new customers experience it for themselves. We like the Story of Success – so we are here to help you to spread the word about everything that makes your Company Special.

Our Feature Set

Life is Simple – just take what you have and tell people about it. And as you learn and grow – you add more and you better server your customers.

For Business – Trial Membership and then…..Just a Small Monthly Fee to Grow Your Business. For your convenience, we have broken up the business categories in the following way.

  1. Metro Chains – Retail, Auto, Grocery (Weekly Ads)
  2. Restaurants
  3. Convenience Stores
  4. Local Business
  5. Online Business

The Wut-Wut-Wut Formula To Success

We help you Focus on your Product Life Cycle and Promote them all the way through.

  1. Wuts Hot
  2. Wuts New
  3. Wuts-a-Deal
  4. Events
  5. Weekly Special
  6. Monthly Special
  7. Menu – Products & Services
  8. Restaurants - Full Menu
  9. Restaurants - Take Out Menu
  10. Restaurants - Lite Menu
  11. Brand – Your Company Name
  12. Address & Locations
  13. Telephone, eMail, Fax
  14. Web Site Address

We take you all the way

Convenience is becoming a way of life, so we try to do our part. We take your promotions and send them across all 4 Media

Print – Internet – Mobile – SmartMoni
  • Print

  • Internet

  • Mobile

  • Smartmoni

Social, Commerce and Media Engines serving Whole Market Segments.
  • Metro Businessgo-main
  • Constructionbuild
  • eTechvision
  • Charityhelping-hand
  • Faith Charitygod-bless
  • Medical Practicemedoffice
  • Politics for Changepound
  • Sales & Marketingsellmore
  • Food Servicestummy-time

4 Social & Commerce Engines of Prosperity

  • StreetTalk

  • Oleye

  • CityMarts

  • StarMail