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SmartSocial Communities - People with Purpose.

GoMainSt?s operates Communities which provide services tailored toward whole market segments across 4 levels of commerce - Customer, Merchants, Business and Suppliers. Each is provided enhanced services through the blending of promotions, social and commerce to create an enriched commercial environment.


PocketSaver - Smart Shopping for Everyone

This Metro Publication is FREE and available at over 134 Grocery Store Chains in 108 Metro Markets at 13,500 locations. Tap into 143 million shoppers each week in more than with over 8 Million PocketSavers published and distributed every month. Discover Wuts New! Wuts Hot & Wuts a Deal as it fits into your Pocket, Purse, Auto console or SmartPhone providing promotions all month long.


StreetTalk.buzz - Join the Conversation

GoMainSt StreetTalk is for people who prefer not to just watch as things unfold and be part of the process. Join the Conversation, share an idea and be part of the process. Connect with People in real time about things that matter. StreetTalk


SmartPsP - When You Need It Most

GoMainSt delivers Promotions when customers need them most. We provide Wuts New, Wuts Hot, Wuts-a-Deal and Events across 108 Metro markets & 9 SmartSocial Communities. We deliver convergence while blending Promotions, Social & SmartMoni into Intelligence in Very Transaction to benefit both consumer and merchants. All accessed on-the-fly people are able to schedule lunch dates, shop and meet up with family, friends and colleagues.


SmartMoni w/MoniPLUS - Intelligence in Every Transaction

Consumers and Business can now enjoy immediate discounts when utilizing GoMainSt?s SmartMoni. Take advantage of 1000,s of promotions available from Retailers, Restaurants and Suppliers all embedded in every transaction allowing you to better know your customers and provide tailored campaigns for improved sales. SmartMoni w/MoniPLUS substantially lowers the cost of doing business, increases security and privacy while providing intelligence in every transaction. SmartMoniCenter

GoMainSt Promotes Commerce.

We expand its definition and create new capabilities.


SmartSocial Communities - People with Purpose

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