Smart PsP - Personal Shopping Platforms


4-in-1 Media

Promotion & Commerce across 4 Media– Print, Internet, Mobile & Smart Money

1. Print

This Metro Publication is FREE and available for at over 35 Premium Retailers in 108 Metro Markets at over 45,000 locations. Its fits into your Pocket, Purse or Auto console providing promotions you can rely on all month long. Tap into 143 million shoppers each week in more than 11,000 supermarkets worldwide.

2. Internet

GoMainSt’s 10 Internet Portals target your Promotions to consumers, business and Industry suppliers. All promotions are fully integrated within our SmartPsP Platforms

3. Mobile

GoMainSt delivers Promotions when customers need them most. Truly Mobile and Market on Demand provides Wuts New, Wuts Hot, Wuts-a-Deal and Events across 108 Metro markets. All accessed on-the-fly from anywhere to schedule lunch dates, shop with friends, or meet up with family and colleagues.

4. SmartMoni

Consumers and Business can now enjoy immediate discounts when utilizing GoMainSt’s Smart Money cards. Take advantage of 1000,s of PocketSaver promotions available from Retailers, Restaurants and Suppliers. SmartPsP Intelligence allows you to know every customer, tailor messages on receipts and build stronger